Emil Rybovich 1923-2000

EmilEmil Rybovich was the youngest of the three Rybovich brothers who all returned, after military service in World War II, to take the reins of their father's boat yard in West Palm Beach, Florida.

In 1947 they produced the first modern sport fishing boat, the Miss Chevy, for C. F. Johnson, and quickly developed a reputation for high quality, performance and innovation which literally defined and set the standards for an industry during the next 30 years.

Growing up in his father's boat yard and later during his hitch in the Army Air Corps, Emil developed a keen interest in mechanical and electrical systems. As a self-taught mechanical engineer, it became his responsibility to make the beautiful boats being designed and built by the family to perform. His talent for finding simple solutions to complex problems and his desire to make each boat better than the last earned him an admiration unparalleled in the industry.

Capt. Jack Lance, tarpon and EmilEmil was an avid fisherman in his younger days, and a few of his light tackle records still stand at the West Palm Beach Fishing Club. In 1963 he designed and built the first of four 23' open fisherman to catch and release tarpon, years before the design would become so popular among anglers.

His passion for boating was equaled by his love of flying. In the late 50's and early 60's the yard owned a Republic Seabee seaplane. Emil would deliver help in the form of parts, mechanics, or trouble-shooting to customers stranded far from home in the islands, giving a new meaning to the word "service". He held single and multi-engine land and seaplane ratings and over the years owned and flew many different aircraft.

Emil in his Republic SeabeeEmil's commonsense approach to life, blatant honesty, and quick wit along with his mechanical talents carried him through a life of accomplishment and adventure. His word was his bond, his handshake a contract, and he genuinely loved what he did for a living. He was an inspiration to us here at Ryco and to all who knew him.

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