Media Mentions

Power Motoryacht May 2004

Power & Motoryacht, May 2004
"Building a Legacy"
Exclusive: PMY Tested: Ryco 65
by Capt. Patrick Sciacca

"A second generation boatbuilder and a customer collaborate, just as their fathers did, to create a one-of-a-kind sportfisherman."
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Marlin May 2003

Marlin, May 2003
"Boat of Interest"
Ryco 65

"If you have a good sense of style and favorite works of art, if you know how to fish and what gear you need or merely want to have on board, you might be able to create a boat as marvelous as China Girl. If you can put your ideas on paper, Ryco can build your dream boat."
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Seaviews Magazine

Seaviews, premiere issue - Winter 2003
3 articles by Casey O'Conner:
"Rybovich Defines Sportfishing's Golden Age"
The origins of the Rybovich boatbuilding legend.
"Legendary Trophy has Roots in American Classic"
Ernest Hemingway, John Rybovich, Jr. & the "Old Man and the Sea Award"
"Ryco Marine: The Next Generation"
A new wave of Rybovich boatbuilding started by Ryco Marine

Ted Williams on the Sail Ahoy

The Palm Beach Post, July 6, 2002
"A Legend Lost"
by Karen Crouse

The late Ted Williams on the Rybovich sportfisherman "Sail Ahoy" joined golfer Sam Snead in a 1950s sailfishing competition for the West Palm Beach Fishing Club.
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Big Game Tournament Guide

2002 Big Game Tournament Guide - May 2002
Ryco 65

"Equipped with everything you can imagine, China Girl is at home at the dock, fishing a rip, or on the hook. A virtual floating luxury home and classic fishing vessel, this boat takes the cake."
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Marlin magazine 11/01

Marlin, November 2001
"On the Drawing Board"
Ryco 65

"While the look of sportfishing boats has changed over the years to match evolving styles, few can deny that the classic lines of older sportfishers remain timeless..."
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Southern Boating 11/00

Southern Boating, November 2000
"Charmer, Ryco 39 Express"
by David Strickland

"This is one lovely boat, the sort that brings a tear to the eye of all who appreciate an elegant, well-crafted, seaworthy hull. This Charmer is well-named."
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Southern Boating 8/00

Southern Boating, August 2000
Emil Rybovich

"The last survivor of the famous Rybovich brothers of Palm Beach, Fla., creators of the classic sportfishing boats, died in May.
R.L. 'Emil' Rybovich was 76..."

Southern Boating 6/00

Southern Boating, June 2000
"Designer's Choice"
Ryco 65 Sportfisherman

"It's always a pleasure to announce a new Ryco, whether one that's about to be launched or, as in this case, about to be lofted and constructed with the care that characterizes this builder of custom yachts."

Southern Boating 6/99

Southern Boating, June 1999
"Sportfish Showcase"
Ryco 60 "Heaven Lee"

"It's been almost four years since we had the pleasure of reviewing a Ryco sportfisherman. It's no surprise that the new 60-footer was built for a repeat customer, and that the same impeccable workmanship that characterizes all of Ryco's vessels stands out again in the larger version."

Southern Boating 10/95

Southern Boating, October 1995
Ryco 45 "Heaven Lee" by David Strickland

"...with the heirs to John, Tommy and Emil you get the best: the best wood selection, the best cold molding, superb craftsmanship and painstaking attention to detail..."
"It's a bit of a chore describing perfection..."
"To see the results - the impeccable woodworking alone brings a tear to the eye - is to be reminded of a superb heritage."

Southern Boating 6/92

Southern Boating, February 1992 Cover story:
Wildcat, American Beauty by Andree Conrad
photography by H. Shaw McCutcheon

"She's perfection, bone deep: an American beauty, American made, an evolution from everything the Rybovich family made up until 1975."
"...not only is the Rybovich family still building boats, they are building them better than ever."
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Marlin 1986

Marlin, Feb/March 1986
A Rybovich By a Rybovich, Again! by Jan Fogt
photographs by Jan Fogt

"The younger generation breathes new spirit into an old name."
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