Company History

Emil, Tommy, Johnny & John Sr.Ryco Marine is the custom boat building company owned and operated by the Rybovich family. In 1975, John and Emil Rybovich, the two surviving members of the world renowned boat building family, sold Rybovich and Sons Boat Works and remained at the yard under contract until 1980. Emil's son Michael stayed on for a few more years, but his interests still lay in a boat building company centered around the family with a total custom, quality-oriented hands-on approach, which had been the Rybovich trademark for more than 50 years.

In the summer of 1984, Michael left Rybovich Boat Works and, together with Emil and brother, Marty Evans, formed Ryco Marine.

Emil, Marty & MichaelWord spread fast that Emil and his sons were back in business. They received a deposit on the first hull before meeting their first customer in person. That 32' Walk-around, "Ruthie" became, and still is today, one of the most successful sailfishing machines ever built. At the time of her completion, the idea of pulling a mold off of the hull and producing a semi-production version was entertained, but orders for more custom boats continued to come in and the project was shelved.

The next three hulls were variations of the first with customer layouts changing to suit their individual needs. A 24' Open Fisherman was launched in 1989, based upon a design Emil had produced in plywood in 1962, but with modifications to the topsides to allow more tumble and flair by cold molding in mahogany.

Emil, Tommy, Johnny, Mom & PopIn 1991 a 38' Dayboat was launched, which was based upon the style made popular by Rybovich and Merritt in the 50's and 60's with an open deckhouse (no bulkhead aft) and a flying bridge. From there Ryco's customers have followed the general market trend by ordering progressively larger Sportsfisherman, each still painstakingly and precisely crafted to meet the individual customer's requirements.

In 2001 Ryco moved onto the waterfront to its current location. We occupy a 15,000 sq. ft. building are now capable of building much larger boats. In May of 2002 we delivered "China Girl", a 65-ft. sportfisherman, and the first project to come out of our new facility. We are currently building a second 65 and have various refit and repower projects under way. A new construction slot is now available.

Since delivery of hull #1 in 1985, Ryco boats have developed a reputation for their simple beauty, impeccable craftsmanship and superior performance at sea. We are very proud of our heritage. For three generations we have been putting our customers' dreams to sea in the finest fishing craft afloat.