Client Testimonials

December 9, 2003

Dear Mike, Marty, Don, & all the other Ryco Craftsmen,

The new Castabar is a dream come true. Not only does she look terrific, but performs and handles even better than our original expectations.

Your attention to details is seen throughout the boat and the workmanship is unmatched by any other custom boat builder.

Sue and I look forward to many fishing and cruising trips in the future and we are sure the Castabar will draw maximum attention at any marina we stay at.

Thanks again to all of you who were a part of making the Castabar a truly outstanding sportfishing boat.

With kindest regards,

Marsh Wells

December 1, 2003

Dear Michael and Marty,

I had a chance this Saturday to take the new “Rascal” out sail fishing. As you may recall, it was blowing 25-30 knots. The seas were six-eight feet. My daughter Traci caught her first sailfish. With me as a Captain on a sixty-one foot Garlington. After fishing for three hours we both agreed that this was, for forty-three feet, one of the greatest sport fishing boats we have both been on. Should you need to ever show the boat you should feel free to contact me at any time. Hopefully by now you no longer have a building slot available.

All the best,

Jim Long

August 28, 2003

Dear Michael,

I want to thank you for the advice you gave me and the work you and your great crew at Ryco did earlier this year on the Thistle. The results of both are fabulous.

The remedial work you carried out on the hull shape has allowed the boat to regain its outstanding sea-handling characteristics, while picking up two or three knots of speed. In addition, the new hard top gets plaudits everywhere it goes. All around a great result, as usual!

Kind regards,

Alastair Tedford
Owner, Thistle (1965 Rybovich)

June 12, 2002

Dear Mike, Marty, Donnie and the Crew:

My wife, Jean, and I just returned from our first trip to the Bahamas with our new 65' Ryco "China Girl". The trip was terrific, and above all, "China Girl" performed magnificently cruising at 32 knots at a modest 1825 rpm. With a top speed of over 41 knots, she handles like a dream.

The workmanship of your design and layout is truly unmatched in comfort and beauty. We had numerous people come aboard and view the vessel from stem to stern. Without exception, everyone was in awe of the finish, attention to detail, and the outstanding workmanship. Our comment is that "we could not go anywhere in the world and get a finer product."

You and the entire crew of Ryco can certainly be proud of what has been created in "China Girl". Both Jean and I could not be more pleased, and we truly feel that we are the proud owners of the finest 65 Sportfish ever built.

Our sincere thanks and appreciation to all.

Truly yours,

H. E. "Mick" Rupp
Chairman of the Board
Rupp Marine, Inc.

May 13, 2002

Dear Mike, Don, And The Rest Of The Crew:

Thanks for a great job in converting the "Ruthie" to the "Charmer". Your attention to detail in virtually building a new boat from a true classic is extraordinary. She is everything I hoped she would be. She is now ready for another 17 years of hard fishing and I know I will enjoy every minute of it.

By the way, she cruised from Palm Beach to Green Turtle in six hours and used 110 gallons, from Green Turtle to St. Augustine (310 N.M.) in under 12 hours and burned 180 gallons and the next day back to Georgetown, South Carolina (242 N.M.) on 160 gallons. She cruises easily at 28.5 knots and does things that are unbelievable for a boat her size.

Thanks again and we will see you soon.


G. Larry Wilson

July 12, 2000

Dear Mike:

The new Charmer is a wonderful boat. From the excellent design to the high quality of finish I couldn't ask for anything more. It is great that you and your crew take the time and care to produce such a fine boat.

It is a testament to your craftsmanship that everyone who sees it admires the Charmer. If they could experience the ride and they had the money and I had an order book I could sell a lot of these for you.

It has been great fun working with you and your crew and satisfying to experience the performance of your work. Keep it up -- you are doing terrific.


G. Larry Wilson
COTB/CEO, Mynd Corporation

Dear Mr. Rybovich, Mike & Marty & the gang,

Greetings from the Bahamas! We just wanted to send you these pictures of "Boxer" & tell you what a success that little boat is. Not only do we love it, but everywhere we go men are calling it " the prettiest boat they've ever seen ! "

Be prepared for an influx of calls ! Take care.


Rodger, Susan & Joey Renzulli

June 18, 2001

Dear Michael,

Ryco's recent relocation to the waterfront and ability to do maintenance and repair work is exciting news to all custom boat owners. I am delighted to be one of your early clients. The heritage that your and your family's boats represent just became a little brighter!

Needless to say, the quality of the repairs that Don and your crew carried out were to a peerless standard. Don's suggestions and recommendations during the course of the work reflected the thoroughness and integrity that I knew to expect.

Congratulations on the new premises and good luck with the newly expanded business.

Kind regards,

Alastair Tedford
Owner, Thistle (1965 Rybovich)